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CMOS Microchip Design Fundamentals

We are surrounded by devices, that we use in our day to day life such as TVs, Cameras, Cell Phones, Telephones, WiFi, Internet, Antennas, etc. The power of Circuits, and Integrated Circuits have enabled humanity to function easier with the Semiconductor technological revolution. Integrated Circuits "ICs", commonly referred as "Chips" have revolutionized the semiconductor industry since the invention of Complimentary MOS (CMOS), as well as ICs. Fig: First IC design invention - A patent from 1960s by Jack Kilby (Photo Credits: A picture/poster I pasted on the wall by my computer desk). There are two types of ICs: Analog, and Digital ICs. Although their is a high increasing demand of Digital Integrated Circuits, the Analog ICs have been increasing in demand considerably, if not as equal as Digital ICs. Yes, you won't stay unemployed if you are into analog circuits, although majority of devices around us are "digital" hinting us to get employed and design

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