PCI Configuration Space Registers (Type 0 / Type 1)

PCI Configuration Space Type 0 is for PCI devices and, for Endpoints in case of PCIe. Type 1 Config Space is for PCI host controller and, for PCI Root Complex in case of PCIe.

Type 0/1 Configuration Space:
FIG: Config Space.

  • The Config Space registers are common for both type 0/1.
  • Device ID and Vendor ID: Identify the particular device.
  • Status register: Provides error information, updated information, etc.
  • Command register: Controls Bus Master and different utilities.
  • Class code: Provides category of the device (Host Controller, IDE Bridge, SATA Controller, Ethernet Controller, etc).
  • Revision ID of PCI.
  • BIST - Built-In Self Test.
  • Header Type Specific area is defined by Header type (0 or 1).
  • Cache Line Size.
Table: Configuration Space Registers.
Table: Command Register
Table: Status Register
FIG: Type 0 Configuration Space
Table: TYPE 0 Registers
FIG: PCIe TYPE 1 Configuration Space
Table: TYPE 1 Configuration Space Registers