RC Circuit Analysis - Charging/Discharging (Experiment)

Transistors play on binary as always. The 1s and 0s in a transistor are basically their charging and discharging representation which, fundamentally, acts as an RC circuit. The circuit included in this experiment has some inductance, but we can ignore it as it is not very significant.

Below is an RC Circuit analysis that I was reviewing online recently:

"RC" is represented as TAO which is a time constant and it gets skewed up as a function of time (t1 and t2 - Shown Below).

A Low Pass RC Filter in the making.

A 1pf capacitor when connected to an Oscilloscope gives a square wave. Although the wave looks perfect at start but it gets ringed up (input) and gets more triangular (output), as we increase the frequencies from 1kHz to MHz range.

*At 1RC, the capacitor would charge up to 63% and at 5RC, the capacitor would charge at 99.999%.