Parsing CSV file data into TCL Shell

Let us understand TCL by completing a task. The task is to build a user interface that will take an Excel sheet as input, and provide datasheet as an output.

For example, The Excel sheet consists of some important characteristics of your design such as top-level design and sub module design, etc and the path of their directory.

design_details.csv  =>  TCL BOX  =>  text
  1. To do this, create a vim file (acts as your tcl box).
  2. Create a '.tcl' file filename.tcl and include it in your tcl box (name of my box - semisagatcl).
  3. Parse the .csv file through your tcl box and type > ./semisagatcl design_details.csv
Imported Data into a .csv file: design_details.csv

Fig: tcl box shell script

Doing it the other way!!!

design_details.csv  =>  tclsh => cat filename.csv 

Parsing .csv file to tclsh (tcl shell) - Output: