AXI Stream (Xilinx Traffic Generator IP - Basics)

*Xilinx Vivado tool has embedded IPs in it (review this section for details).
Ports (in Bold): AXI Traffic Generator (3.0) - Custom Profile
  • AXI Traffic has mainly TWO modes:
    • Custom
    • High-Level Traffic
  • Custom allows us to generate AXI Streams for three protocols: AXI4, AXI4-Stream, AXI4-Lite.
AXI Traffic Generator (3.0): High-Level Traffic
  • High-Level Traffic is mainly used for profile(s) like Video, PCIe, Ethernet, USB, Data (not discussed here).
  • Again, Custom:
    • AXI4-Stream - Slave Interface which includes parameters like Data Width, ID Width, AWUSER (Write user), ARUSER Width (Read user).
      • AXI4-Stream Channel has following types of channels:
        • Master Only: Just to generate AXI Stream Master (shown in the below figure).

Master Only - Master ports (expanded).

        • Master Loop back: It means the AXIS generated Master (M_AXIS_MASTER) loops back to the AXIS Slave through S_AXIS_MASTER port and the IP makes a comparison. So, the send IP and the receive IP should be the same.
=> S_AXIS_MASTER == M_AXIS_MASTER. If the above condition is not okay, the counter would increase up (^).
        • Slave Loop back: In this case, it just takes the Slave traffic and and transfers it to the Master (S_AXIS_SLAVE => M_AXIS_SLAVE).